Increase your value,
find your difference differenciate from your competitors

There are many strategies for your company to achieve its objectives. But in all of them there is one thing that is essential: a product that your customers want to buy.

A competitive product is key to reach your growth goals, reach new markets abroad and face the competition.

If you want your customers to choose you, you must first offer a product that offers real value, is well positioned in the market, and is also cost effective.

At WeMake Consultores we work with you to get the most out of your products and put you in a better position to face new challenges.

Find out and take advantage of new market opportunities

Develop more innovative products
better fitting customer needs

Lower your costs 
and optimize your products in every phase of their lifecycle

Develop effective marketing plans and sales tools

Product Management consulting for companies that want to anticipate the future

WeMake Consultores’s solutions help companies of all types develop and market competitive products that put them at an advantage.

With our services you will get practical tools to maximize your results day by day and develop an effective product management. We will help you make better decisions based on business criteria and reliable data.

20 years of experience.

100% customization.

In two decades working for multinationals and SMEs we have faced all kinds of challenges. This allows us to offer tailor-made solutions, whatever your objective and the characteristics of your company.

What they say about us

“I have worked with Kiko for more than 10 years collaborating in different projects and his work has always been characterized by his orientation to practical and useful results. I would highlight his experience in product lifecycle management as well as his commercial vision of the entire product development process..”


“I met Kiko for several years while managing Gamesa’s product portfolio. His work in the fields of competitor benchmarking, sales tools and product strategy has been truly outstanding…”

Antonio de la TorreCTOSIEMENS GAMESA

“I feel very lucky of having worked with Kiko. His track record and performance have earned him the title Versatile: whether in analytics and business management decisions, strategic vision, commercial position, value analysis in the supply chain… during the projects he played a multifaceted role as a leader, facilitator and tenacious persecutor of commitments…”.

Luis ÁlvarezCOOITP Aero

“I had the opportunity to develop the Product Marketing function with Francisco in Gamesa. Francisco is an analytical, structured and autonomous professional, with in depth knowledge in Wind Turbine Generators Product Marketing, Product life-cycle management, Pricing, Productivity and Cost management.His results in driving the product portfolio competitiveness, have been critical for the Gamesa success along the last years.”

Enrique PedrosaCEO South Europe & AfricaSIEMENS GAMESA

Offshore wind market: the tsunami that ran out of steam

When I started in the wind sector back in 2004, the imminent offshore wind boom was already announced. All market forecasts agreed that offshore would be comparable to onshore in a few years. But years passed and that moment was always delayed. Pioneer countries grew little and new markets did not arrive. The EWEA established in 2005 a minimum target of 70GW installed in Europe by 2020 but the reality is that we will reach barely 20GW. Today the offshore market is limited to 4-5 markets in Europe and China and does not even account for 10% of annual global installations. What has happened not to meet expectations? Last week WindEurope published a very complete report on the situation of the offshore sector in Europe that can help us to analyze the evolution and prospects of the offshore business.

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